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history_stripRich and Robyn Wilkerson started their lives and ministry together in 1973.  For seven years the Wilkerson's served churches in Texas and California as youth pastors.  In 1979 the Lord spoke to Rich about leaving the comfort of an established youth ministry with a more than comfortable lifestyle, to launch into the ministry of MOBILE EVANGELISM.

Rich and Robyn moved to Tacoma, Wa. in Dec. of 1979 and founded the Rich Wilkerson Crusades national ministry.  It wasn't too long before Rich was doing four day youth crusades in some of America's largest churches.  Each crusade Rich and his team would speak in 5-8 public jr. and sr. high schools to thousands of students.  In fact from 1980 to 1990 Rich Wilkerson spoke in over 1600 public high schools to more than 1.5 million students.  Approximately 250,000 people made commitments to Christ during these crusades. During Rich's seventeen years as an evangelist he traveled over 2,000,000 air miles preaching and lecturing.

history_largepicIn 1990 Rich felt the call to some of the great third world cities of the world for crusades and church planting events.  Thousands of people gave their lives to the Lord. In 1994, during the Wilkerson's annual 40 day fast which occurs each January and part of February,  Rich felt a special calling from God to invest the rest of his and his families lives in the great cities of America.  At that very time Rich and Robyn founded a new ministry known as Peacemakers International!

Immediately the response to this new heavenly agenda was applauded by friends and partners of Rich and Robyn Wilkerson.  In the next four years, nine "Inner City" ministries were established in seven cities across the U.S.  But Rich and Robyn felt something wasn't complete.  Then, an invitation came from a church in the urban center of Miami, Florida to lead the church as their PASTORS.  All along the Wilkerson's had wanted to build a prototype of what they felt God wanted to be established in the great cities of America.  Now was the opportunity they had been looking for.

In July of 1998, Rich and Robyn and their four sons moved to the GREAT City of Miami, Florida.  A wonderful  group of several hundred of people known as Trinity Church greeted them as their new Pastors.  Right away the people of the church rolled up their sleeves to work with Pastor Rich and Pastor Robyn to establish something truly life saving and life giving to the poor and disenfranchised of the city.  At first the work was the most intense the Wilkerson's had ever experienced.

Rich often said to Robyn that first year.... " I wish we could have come here ten years ago...at least my strength would have been greater".  Robyn would always answer..."Yes, but your faith would have been weaker".  Robyn was right, no matter what struggle or resistance the Wilkerson's and the people of Trinity Church faced those first few years in Miami....NOTHING could deter their FAITH!

Not long after arriving in Miami Robyn saw a " Request for Proposal" offered in the Miami Herald newspaper.  It was the opportunity she had thought about but never knew would come her way.  The RFP was for summer daycamps for inner city children.  She wrote her first contract proposal and won the first contract for $175,000.00!  That next summer hundreds of children came to the campus for our Peacemaker Family Services Daycamp.  Today over 1000 children meet for our eight week daycamp on seven different campuses.

Peacemakers, partners with the county the state and the federal government to help our clients who need a loving hand of social service care.  God's hand has been upon this effort, the church has grown to over 3,000 weekly attenders two campuses and over 75 staff workers.

Our vision is to open Peacemaker Family Service Centers all over the United States.  These centers will run along side of powerful, multicultural inner city churches.  Each summer scores of young people come to Miami to help as interns in our summer daycamps and social services outreaches.  Throughout the year we teach job skills and procure jobs for those who are out of work.  Our feeding program with Florida Farm Share located on our south campus now feeds 20,000 meals a month!